Fundamental Research

We are investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which microglia and other immune cells regulate central nervous system white matter health across the lifespan. We are identifying new roles for microglia in myelin development, homeostasis, and ageing.

Translational Research

We are identifying the roles of microglia and other immune cells in regulating myelin development or regeneration following injury, revealing therapeutic targets and strategies for conditions in which central nervous system white matter health is poor (e.g. perinatal brain injury/ cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and normal ageing/ dementia). We actively collaborate with, and consult for, pharmaceutical industry to support drug development.

Approaches & Innovation

We use a comprehensive approach to our research, combining experimental modelling (in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo), transgenic and pharmacological manipulation, ‘omics (digital spatial profiling, RNA seq, sc-RNAseq, TRAPseq, proteomics), drug screening and nanoparticle delivery, and human neuropathological analysis and cell culture.

Recent news
New Research Publication

NEW RESEARCH PUBLICATION. Our new publication led by Rebecca Holloway discovers how microglia drive white matter injury in the developing…

Lab Welcomes Roya Esat

LAB WELCOMES ROYA Esat. We welcome Roya as a MSc student in the Integrated Neuroscience program, and she’ll be working…

Are you a bioinformatician interested in human brain disorders and experienced in scRNA-seq and want to work in a collaborative environment? Then please PM me, because we are expanding the team!

In Dec/Jan I will have two postdoc positions in Manchester, U.K., to investigate the neuroimmunology of concussion 🧠. Please contact me for queries, but a full advert will be out soon!

We’re in a world class immunology dept. @LydiaBeckerIII and the new @GJBrainResearch centre https://twitter.com/SierraLabAch/status/1402589478133317635

Amanda Sierra@SierraLabAch

@headimmune is a superb scientist for your postdoc, I totally recommend him https://twitter.com/redglial/status/1402268321576271875

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